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Wizard Cart Management System

Maximum Efficiency and Return On Investment

The Wizard Cart Management System is the most efficient and comprehensive system available for cart retrieval in the industry. It consists of our aesthetically pleasing, yet ruggedly designed, cart corrals and our heavy duty cart pusher known as the Cart Wizard.

The Wizard Cart Management System was specifically designed to maximize cart retrieval efficiency and return on investment. No other cart retrieval system on the market provides the level of reliability and ease of use as the Wizard Cart Management System.

Cart Corrals

Each cart corral is constructed with a hot dipped galvanized coating and engineered for extreme durability in all weather conditions. Full length glide rails have been installed to protect the structure against the onslaught of shopping carts and to guide the Cart Wizard smoothly through the corral.

Traditional cart corral systems allow customers some creative liberties when depositing their emptied shopping carts. This quickly results in carts being misaligned, which requires extra time and effort to straighten and retrieve. The Wizard Cart Management System, by contrast, utilizes unidirectional spring-loaded gates to ensure customers place their emptied carts in an orderly fashion every time. During retrieval, the Cart Wizard simply pushes the neat row of nested carts through the spring loaded gate, which automatically closes after cart extraction.

Cart Wizard

The Cart Wizard is the most reliable and heavy duty cart pusher available on the market. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Cart Wizard boasts a number of features that quickly set it apart from the competition:

  • An all steel body for extreme durability
  • Six deep cycle batteries for ultimate pushing power and endurance
  • A long range, frequency hopping, remote system for unhindered control
  • Quick charging system to revive the Cart Wizard upon battery depletion
  • Optional snow tires or chains for icy conditions


Available In Both 24″ and 30″ Widths

Our Merchandisers are great at displaying bulk product at eye-level and within easy reach for all of your customers, both short and tall. Available in 24 and 30 inch widths, these small footprint Merchandisers can be positioned just about anywhere you want to maximize product display.

Square Promotional Table

Stylish and Space Efficient

Our eye-catching Promotional Tables do an excellent job at showcasing a wide variety of bulk products for your customers who want to grab-and-go. The upper table can be sectioned into as many as six separate compartments with removable dividers. Each face of the table can be windowed with either aluminum or acrylic plates to accommodate labels or maximize product visibility. Roll bags can be incorporated into the table on each side and the entire unit can easily be lifted and moved from any orientation using a pallet jack or fork lift. Underneath the main table is a lower shelf, which provides ample on-floor storage. It features a perforated spill plate to help keep the shelf clean and looking its best.

Trough Bin

Perfect for End Cap Displays

These Trough Bin displays feature four large upper bins, which provide a large volume of bulk storage always within your customers’ reach. Below the four upper bins is a lower shelf with a perforated spill plate, which can be removed for easy clean-up. Perfect for end caps, these stylish Trough Bins maximize visibility for both loose and boxed bulk items out on the store floor.

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