Cart Wizard CW1

The Easiest, Most Durable Cart Return Vehicle


With the push of a button one person can easily operate the Cart Wizard cart retriever. The remote control that comes with every Cart Wizard allows a single employee to steer from the front of the train of carts while controlling the Cart Wizard as it pushes from behind.

Reduce Potential Employee Injury

Effortless retrieval of up to 40 carts with the Cart Wizard drastically reduces potential employee strain and injury. The Cart Wizard will do all the pushing with its exclusive rear-wheel drive while providing greater traction and pushing power than front drive machines.

Increases Productivity

Utilizing the Cart Wizard signicantly shortens cart collection time, reducing labor hours and leaving employees available for store operations and customer service.


Each Cart Wizard CW 1 comes fully operational with:

  • Two hand-held remote transmitters
  • Amber safety strobe light
  • Six deep cycle batteries
  • Quick connect shopping cart attachment
  • Large highway rated tires for longer wear
  • Emergency safety stop switch
  • One year factory warranty

Tougher Than the Competition

Constructed with 2 large highway-rated heavy-duty rear tires, the Cart Wizard is an all weather machine that effortlessly operates in rain, snow, or the heat of summer while still maintaining a high degree of maneuverability with a front swivel caster.

Long Battery Life

The Cart Wizard operates on 6 deep cycle batteries for up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

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